Twin Hearts Meditation

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One of the meditations that Master Choa Kok Sui has developed is the Twin Hearts Meditation.
A powerful meditation that brings you closer to yourself and raises your consciousness to a higher level.

The heart chakra and the crown chakra, which are the twin hearts, are activated. The heart center is about personal love, the crown center about universal love.

By activating these energy centers through this meditation we feel happier, calmer, more loving and are more able to express and share these positive qualities with others.

A large amount of energy will flow through you and acts as a shower of prana. Negative and dirty energies, emotions and thoughts are washed away and make way for positive ones.

The Twin Hearts meditation has a healing effect.

join our Weekly Twin hearts meditation

Every Monday we have a beautiful group meditation in Pranic Studio, that can be attended both live in the studio in Amsterdam or online from wherever you are.

You don’t need to commit to be there every week, it’s open to anyone at any time (check bullet point when you can’t join yet). We do see many regulars coming back every week or very often, because it’s just so nice to practice together. The amount of energy generated by practicing the Twin Hearts meditation in a group of 7 or more is as much as the amount of energy generated when 100 people are meditating separately!

This specific meditation cannot be practiced by:

  • those of 18 years old and younger
  • (some) pregnant women
  • people who have high blood pressure, or a heart ailment, or a severe kidney ailment or glaucoma

If any of these conditions apply to you, you can always reach out to see if it’s safe for you to join or not.

Attendance is donation based and there are several options:

  1. A membership to contribute monthly for attending in Pranic Studio
  2. A membership to contribute monthly for attending online via Zoom
  3. Cash donations when you’re joining live in the studio
  4. One time donations via our Pranic Studio donation link

Is it your first time attending the Twin Hearts meditation? Then you’ll need to make an appointment to get your meditation introduction about the do’s and don’ts and what you can expect.

Please send me an email, via, if you’d like to join our group practice. 


The first meditation was special and powerful. Silence, listening and focused thoughts immediately released a lot. It was still unclear what exactly, but surely positive. I also immediately felt that a lot happens when you become aware of your energy.

During the lessons that followed, I became more and more familiar with the meditation. Many aspects of the meditation came to me more easily and quickly through the repetition.

All in all, at the end of the process I experienced the meditation as a very nice and special first introduction to Pranic Healing. An inspiring start!

Ali Ben


Because of the Twin Hearts meditation, I especially noticed an increase in awareness, being able to feel everything better, mainly myself and more and more my surroundings. The energy you feel during the meditation in the group is beautiful to experience, just like hearing the meditation stories of others.

A wonderful experience that I would recommend to everyone.


Police officer

I really liked the meditations. My feeling is that the meditations have made me more aware of everything I can be thankful for, and therefore I’m also a more positive and calmer person.


Product Manager

You can also book a meditation session, as a team outing or other event.