Behandelingen in vele soorten en maten…

Soulibri biedt behandelingen voor alle mogelijke klachten en wensen: van een ontsteking tot een chronische aandoening; van stress tot een depressie en van wensen als gewichtsverlies tot een cupmaat meer of minder.

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Behandeling 1Testimonial Facial Healings

5 weekly sessions – Melanie Clissmann, Sales Consultant

After session 1, I could see my skin was brighter, smoother and had a lovely glow.

The second week I was using half the amount of skin products, had less blemishes and was getting compliments that I looked well.

Week 3 the texture of my skin was tighter and cleaner, in spite of physical tiredness I looked good!

Week 4 I was going through a lot of stress and noticed that I was less receptive to the treatments. I realized how much impact our emotions have on our energy and even our looks!

I found it impressive that after removing my make up and receiving the treatment, my skin was moisturized and glowing, I normally have dry skin.

I went on holiday after the 5 sessions and was amazed to see that in spite of wearing my usual factor 50 my face tanned in a few days while normally I have pale skin which does not react well to the sun.

Since receiving the treatments, my skin looks healthier and younger, I am very happy!